Learn about our Gym and Coach.

Our Coach.

Theodoros Eracleous


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-OL1),
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer,
  • CrossFit Judges Certificate (2021),
  • CrossFit Anatomy,
  • CrossFit Programming,
  • CrossFit Scaling,
  • CrossFit Spot the Flaw,
  • CrossFit Lesson Planning,
  • The Pilates Coach™ Level 2

Education: B.A. (Hons) in Business Studies from the University of Stirling in Scotland

Coach Theodoros has been doing CrossFit for 7 years now.  Since graduating from University he has been the manager of Bare Knuckle CrossFit, also assisting coach Nadia with her coaching since June 2020.  He gained his CrossFit level 1 certification in December 2020 and as from January 2021 he is the coach and owner of Bare Knuckle CrossFit.

“Over the years, Bare Knuckle CrossFit has helped:

  • young people with no athletic background transform their lives and bodies and embrace CrossFit’s healthy way of living
  • older individuals with various problems and issues, mainly emanating from their previous lifestyles, transform their lives to the better
  • kids and teenagers embrace CrossFit training and change their mind-set regarding exercising
  • athletes of other sports turn to CrossFit for their strength and conditioning. 

We’re here to HELP!”

~Theodoros Eracleous

Our Gym

This is the history of our box.

2013 – The beginning

Nadia Kyriakidou owner of The Studio and a determined group of training lovers began to CrossFit in 2013. Coach Nadia Kyriakidou owned a conventional gym with a Yoga and Pilates studio in the basement. Her background in bodybuilding gave her a head start in strength and as a CrossFit enthusiast started a small community that trained together daily totally engulfed by CrossFit.

2014 – Affiliation

After taking her Level 1 in London in December 2013 she returned on a mission.  Bare Knuckle CrossFit was affiliated in January 2014 bringing like-minded people together. The community continued to grow as classes and open gym sessions became crowded with CrossFit enthusiasts.   Although the athletic side is intriguing, the main goal was to focus on injury prevention. This part of training became the main source of client retention.

2015 – CrossFit Kids and Teens

Bare Knuckle CrossFit became well known for its high standards of Coaching and its focus on injury prevention.  In 2015 Coach Nadia started the first CrossFit Kids and Teens Classes in Larnaca and by January 2020 half of the members of Bare Knuckle CrossFit were under the age of 18.

2020 – Relocation
Following the Coronavirus pandemic and the first Lockdown in March 2020 Nadia decided to relocate Bare Knuckle CrossFit to a new facility that housed a swimming pool just outside the box, conveniently adding swimming and outdoor training to the programs.

Enter Coach Theo At this point coach Theodoros Eracleous stepped in to help.  Theodoro’s passion for CrossFit began as a teenager following his parents’ footsteps at Bare Knuckle CrossFit.  He put his heart and soul into his work, cared for each client, made sure everything was running smoothly and managed the transition to the new location successfully.

2021 – New ownership. The Bare Knuckle CrossFit legacy continues
At the age of 51 Nadia decided to pass the baton to Coach Theo entrusting him with her CrossFit box to continue a wonderful CrossFit journey.  Bare Knuckle CrossFit is now owned by coach Theodoros Eracleous who will continue in the footsteps of coach Nadia, so that the Bare Knuckle CrossFit legacy lives on.   

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